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Early Morning Eye Gel & Nighttime Eye Cream

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Do you have puffy eyes and dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles? Want a all natural eye care routine to help reduce all of your eye concerns. 

Early morning eye gel benefits 

Green Treat Extract 
☀️ full of powerful antioxidants 
☀️ highly moisturing
☀️ improves the ability to retain moisture 
☀️ helps to depuff and tighten bags and swelling 
☀️ caffeine helps shrink blood vessals around the eyes
☀️ combats loss of elasticity, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and dryness in the eye area
☀️ it plumps the skin of the eye area 
☀️ reduces irritation which van cause puffiness 
Vitamin E Oil 
☀️ is a naturally occurring antioxidant which protects the skin from adverse effects of oxidative stress 
Nighttime eye cream benefits
Avocado butter
☀️ reduces/prevents marks and wrinkles 
☀️ hydrates and lightens skin tone
☀️ antioxidants for healthy skin
☀️ reduces darkness under eyes
Rosehip seed oil
☀️ Has anti-aging effects 
☀️ Improves cell longevity & obstructs skin aging 
☀️ It reduces the appearance of wrinkles 
☀️ It reduces dark spots

This is a set . All natural and works for all skin types 
Product  size 1oz 

Customer Reviews

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Danielle Prince
Under eye bags....AWAY!

I'm in love with these two eye creams. The nighttime cream is so lush and hydrating. The daytime cream is light and nurishing.